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BP installed = issues with Gravatar profile and registration

  • hello there !

    – Is there an easy way for the members to change their avatar within the website – without opening Gravatar ? Actually, less than 10% are willing to open a new website/register to a new service only to change their image profile – or it requests assistance to help them to do so. An easy plugin or an internal option will be most appreciated ;) how can i do that ?

    – After setting up BP, the registration to my site is not working anymore. The registration page opens, it asks new members to create a blog, and finally that not works : members are not registered. How can I make the registration active again ? Plus, How can I turn off the option to create a blog ?

    Thanks much in advance for any help on these 3 points.

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  • Sketaful


    Have you gone thrue the setup of Buddypress (its in on the panel somewhere. :P) and switched theme to a buddypress compatible one?

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