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BP Labs possible enhancement: Likes also work as favorites

  • Hi Paul-

    Thanks for this plugin. I’ve been looking for a simple way for users to provide feedback on articles, and the Likes part of Labs is really helpful for that. I was thinking how this could tie even tighter into BP, and came up with this list of possibilities:

    1. In addition to recording the like in the activity stream, it would be cool if the “liked the article” activity item were added to the user’s favorites (putting the user’s favorited objects all in one place).
    2. A template tag to insert the Like button wherever useful within the loop, like at the bottom of the post content. (Lots of sites don’t use the WP toolbar, so miss out on Likes.)
    3. A widget that lists the most-liked posts.

    Thanks again for the helpful plugin, and for all the other BP work, too.


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  • Cool ideas. Activity favourites (and favouriting/liking of BP content) is something that needs an overhaul, so you never know 🙂

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  • The topic ‘BP Labs possible enhancement: Likes also work as favorites’ is closed to new replies.
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