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BP members page out of synch

  • richardrcook2


    Hello. I didn’t know I was making a mistake when I went into my dashboard to try to fix a minor problem with my members page. I wanted my members to be able to go to any other member’s profile page by default whenever they clicked on a member’s avatar or photo on the members page, instead of being sent to a member’s home or activity page. So, on the dashboard, I clicked on Tools>Buddy Press>Repair. I then clicked on each box to repair each category.

    But instead of solving my problem, it caused a worse one. My members page is now totally out of synch in each of the three options in the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the members page. No member on my site, for example, is being deemed as having been active for at least 8 months. But many of my members have been active as recently as days ago. Plus, my overall member count is now down from 238 to 224.

    Another example is the “newest registered” option in the drop-down list. When this option is clicked, it now says that the newest member registered over 9 months ago. Even though it’s true that this particular member really did sign up that long ago, another member who recently signed up about a week ago is no longer listed under this option, nor are any other newly registered members in the last 9 months.

    How can I fix this problem?

    My site link is
    I’m using BP version 9.1.1
    WP 5.8

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