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BP Mentor Group ???

  • yocalif


    As a complete WP/BP noob, I would like to get some help or be part of a group of other BP learning noobs.

    Proposal: BP Work Group, or Mentor Groups. BP mother site would have a area of these learning groups.
    Groups would have different levels, (Below is Rough idea of the levels and advancement).
    Level 1 – newbie (Freshman), Beginner needs a lot of help and direction with install and site setup. some theme, layout.
    Level 2 – SiteUp (Sophomore), Site is up, running needs help for formatting, theme, layout, entry level development
    Level 3 – Branch (Junior), Site is is developing, now more specialized groups, personal sites vs commercial, then type of sites (soc network, blog, information, sales, etc)
    Level 4 – Specialized Advanced (Senior), group members are pursuing similar type sites, are advanced WP/BP site owner/developer, and want to share and learn to get their sites to the highest level from other like BP site owner/dev.

    Each group would be 4 to 6 people, groups are designed for active learners who are participating weekly, if a group member is silent for X number weeks he would get “drop warning”, X weeks of silence auto drop.

    Advancement to next group, in order for a newbie to advance several things must happen. One his BP install is complete and site is functioning with some development in place. Optional he can manually setup a site on a test server. Next he is a mentor in another Newbie or Freshman group. Sort of “share forward” concept, you get something you share the blessing with others. This will help groups have an experienced mentor.

    Same concept but different standards/qualifications for each level of learning groups.

    Idea, until BP mother sets up learning groups, the mentor of the group would setup a WP/BP test site, where the group would communicate and learn together.

    OK I’m willing to be part of first newbie group, we need an experienced mentor, and 4 to 5 more members!
    Is there a chat plugin for BP?

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