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Bottom “Special” Groups

  • jivany


    I’m assuming that the plugin groups and support groups have been created using the Groups Extension API. Is there any chance that we could see the code that pulls off some of this magic?

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  • stwc


    As requested here.

    I am literally slavering to find out how to do this. It would make like Developer Life complete, at least for two BP projects I’m currently working on. I’d love to be able to have different types of ‘Groups’ on my site, and just like here, and one of the Group types be things that can be reviewed and have activity attached (like, in this case plugins), to be able to attach activity and/or forums to them along with reviews, and be able to have users, like here, create Groups of that type but not, for example, as here, ‘Support Groups’.

    I’m begging now, and it’s humiliating! :-(



    Blah. I’m still having a hard time navigating at the moment which is why I didn’t notice your other thread. That’s sort of a good thing because it’s making me very aware of how I need to make changes to my own BP project.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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