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BP Pages on Subdomains for Network Installed BP Not working

  • leedman


    I was just doing work on these other sites tonight and discovered the new setup I was creating wouldn’t display any buddypress activity, member or other pages from the networked installed buddypress

    This did work previously, and I had it functioning on multiple subdomains, and indepently mapped domains on the subs

    I’m using WordPress 4.0, BuddyPress 2.1, Theme on main site where it does display and work properly is Blogs MU by WPMUdev people. And other sites are all using different fairly new themes, too – fairly new within the last year or two. Nothing requires updates at the moment.

    On one of the subdomain sites, hosted under its own domain, the “loading” appeared briefly then vanished. This could be just the sharing buttons below, or it could be bp activity trying?

    I don’t know. After much goofing around trying to figure out where the problem is, I have determined that it must be due to the update. Was there an announcement about something being deprecated that I missed?

    Thanks, Lee

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