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BP performance and scalability – real world examples?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen several posts about BP performance and scalability, but couldn’t find any examples of real world BP installation scalability. What is the largest BP installation to date? (number of registered members, number of blogs, etc.) and what were the server/cloud performance requirements for running it?

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  • Xevo


    If you want to run a site like those examples, your probably gonna need at least a virtual dedicated server. Not sure what exact serverspecs you need though, it’s more based on how many users your expecting.

    From the recent SitePoint podcast.

    Andy Peatling said:

    The site is actually over a million users because it’s connected to the main WordPress database/user database. It’s obviously not one million active users, but there is a fair few thousand active users every week, multiple thousands of users every week.

    Some of the other standalone websites – is actually over about 14,000 users now. TastyKitchen, which is which is another site using BuddyPress for recipes used in cooking, they’re around 20,000, I think.

    Check the full podcast on



    Maybe developers of those sites can be contacted or interviewed to give more info.

    Andrea Rennick


    Pretty sure Tasty Kitchen is on a nice beefed up dedicated box. Can’t remember where I read it though.

    And it’s a general rule of thumb that only 10% of those registered users will be on your site at a time, on average.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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