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BP Profile Search problems

  • wrowlands


    I like this plugin, yet I am having some difficulties with it. First off, the reviews are not working. I attempted to enter a review and I kept getting errors telling me there was a problem entering my review. It appears to be a Buddypress issue. I see the last review entered to be about 9 months ago.

    Here is my problem with this plugin: If one of my search fields is a radio button, and then a member begins the search and clicks on the radio button, then cannot clear the button.

    The second issue is that when one of the profile fields is a multi-select box, some of the searches work, and some of them do not work. It seems to a systemic problems. I have played around with all the advance settings this issue is not fixed.

    The site I am working on is Go there and you will see the issues.

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