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BP Proile Search with Multiple Member Directories

  • damienoneill2001


    Hey all!

    Hopefully a quick one for you.

    I have 3 different Member Directories on my site created using BuddyPress User Account Type Lite plugin. I am hoping to add a filter/search at the top of the lists to filter by one of the Profile Fields. I am using BP Profile Search plugin which is working to some degree.

    At the moment, it is at the top of all the Member Directory lists, however it is not displaying the correct results on two of the directories. The results which display are for the original directory. I have tried changing the Filtered Members List value in Users -> Profile Search, Advanced Options tab as per the documentation but this has not helped.

    You can see the issue here at the following locations:

    The resuces page was the original directory on the site, the pounds and vets pages are the second and third ones created. If a search is carried out on pounds or vets, it displays the results for rescues.

    I am using WP 3.5.1, BP 1.6.4 and BP Profile Search 3.2

    I hope someone can help!



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  • damienoneill2001


    Hey eveyone

    Just to give you an update on this query – I spoke with the author of the plugin and they were able to tell me that the plugin is not designed to work for multiple directories, however, they did provide a quick workaround. Here are the steps provided which worked for me:

    “If you are not going to use BP Profile Search widgets or
    shortcodes, you could try this patch:

    1. in the bp-profile-search plugin directory, open bps-searchform.php
    2. locate the line (line 9):

    $action = bp_get_root_domain (). ‘/’. bp_get_members_root_slug (). ‘/’;

    3. delete or comment out that line.”

    This worked for me!!

    Thanks Andrea!


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