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BP ROOT_BLOG change stopped working. help?

  • peterfae


    Hey. I have this in my wp-config file:

    define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 245 );

    And it was working fine up until a few days ago. Posts were coming in, and I had set up buddypress on a sub-site. Then suddenly, nothing. Posts would not show up. Even posts that were posted on the sub-site that Buddypress was hosted on.

    I disabled all local plugins. Then disabled all network plugins. Nothing. No change.

    Then I shift the ROOT_BLOG back over to the main site, and it worked fine.

    I had SSL installed on the main site (but not on the sub-site), and had that disabled, to see if that was the problem, and it wasn’t. No dice, either way.

    So … it works if it’s set to the main site, but not on the sub-site. However, what i want is for it to work on the sub-site, which it was before. Any help please?

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