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bp site-wide forums

  • I set up site wide forums and now when I go the the Buddypress Forums page ( ) it says “The forums component has not been set up yet.”

    However if I go directly to my forums url, it works ( )

    I figured this has to do with slugs, so under the Archive Slugs on the bbPress Settings page I tried various different slugs without success. I also tried to change the slug on the Forums page under Page Settings.

    I know I could just link directly to the forum url but I am wondering how to make it so the Buddypress Forum’s page links to my forum. (perhaps better functionality with BP/maybe not?)

    Thanks! (hope this wasn’t confusing)

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  • ok sorry the links don’t work now. I unfortunately asked my web hosting company for some help and they said buddypress was the problem so disabled it and messed with some files and now it’s completely broken so I’m going to reinstall everything.

    But if my original question makes sense I would still appreciate some input on it, thanks!



    You mean your Archive Slug for your Sitewide Forums and the Page name were also xforumsx as per your post above, Buddypress Forums page ( ) ?

    well my buddypress forums page is
    but my archive slug in forum settings is

    If I change the puddypress forums page slug to the same as the forum setting page (/forums) the links don’t work because its some kinda of conflict having them both the same slug.

    Is there a way to make the buddypress forum page link to the correct slug? Or should I just delete the buddypress forum page and link it with a new page?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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