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BP-TinyMCE + WP 3.0 RC1

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  • OK, fixed the problem in the screenshot I posted by duplicating the langs files as described in comment #23 here:

    But I still have an issue…I’m also using the Forums Extras plugin with signatures enabled on the BP default theme. With BP-TinyMCE deactivated, forum signatures display really nicely separated from the post by a nice horizontal rule, and in a slightly smaller font than the post text itself. With BP-TinyMCE activated, the horizontal rule is gone, and it looks from the source code as if the last

    tag used in the post content is not closed, so the signature is just inserted immediately after the last character entered there.


    OK, I fixed this issue as well. Signatures were supposed to be surrounded by divs, but BP-TinyMCE wasn’t allowing the div tags at all. I had to add some stuff to the bp-tinymce.php file. Here’s a pastebin of my new one:

    Forum Extras Signatures are displaying as they should again, and the BP-TinyMCE plugin is also doing it’s job…mostly (text in textarea doesn’t clear out after submission) :D

    Anyone know how I can delete the list and blockquote buttons and add an image button? I also would actually like to be able to turn the whole thing off in all textareas except for forum topics/replies.

    I should clarify:

    * textareas don’t clear out on submission of activity stream updates. The update posts just fine, but it doesn’t dissapear from the textarea afterward.

    * I’d love an image button that would bring up a popup similar to the link one so that posters could enter the remote URL of the image they want to post, and it would be inserted with img tags.

    Nevermind, I just realized that a component of the forums extras plugin does exactly what I need. BP-TinyMCE still looks awesome for those who need more, though. I hope my posts help someone else having issues :)



    In case anyone needs help in regards to the issue:

    * textareas don’t clear out on submission of activity stream updates.

    Replace line 54 of bp-tinymce-js.js in the plugin folder:



    j(‘#whats-new-form’).each (function(){

    And it will reset the textarea after posting,

    If anyone knows a fix for allowing oEmbed to work with BP TinyMCE in Internet Explorer, can write a simple TinyMCE plugin to add the link without the autolinking which Internet Explorer adds or can get a YouTube TinyMCE plugin working – then let me know.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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