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  • discdemo


    I came across a file that I see has existed, but it’s not part of my BP install, which is the latest upgrade.

    Here’s what is CRAZY! I googled the exact text in my activation email, because I’m trying to edit the text. the BP CORE-FILTERS.php file is close, but it’s not the exact text:

    "Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please"
    The core-filters.php has "blog" in each of the thanks texts. But this isn't coming to me in my activation emails. Wacky! ;-)
    Seriously, I have spent at least 2 full working days playing with this activation text issue, even trying plugin WELCOME PACK. How is this text from the subject slug getting into my activation emails? I see it NOT in my files, anywhere.
    Here's the link where i see it. 
    NOTE AGAIN: There's a slight difference in the two "Thanks" Areas. But, in my current core-filters file, the two areas are the same. Neither exactly match my activation emails, the way this one does.
    Help. It's giving me a major headache.
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  • danbpfr


    Why do yo search in 1.2 RC ?

    Since a few hours, BP is RC1 for 1.7 version.

    If you use the latest stable upgrade, search better here:



    I’m not sure what you mean, chouf. 1.2 simply came up in a google search, because the text I need is apparently in this 1.2 file which no longer appears to exist in the current version.

    The closest thing I found to the text is in bp-core-filters.php, but it’s not an exact activation email text match and any edits I do prove it because the activation email text is unchanged. So, I must be editing the wrong file, which didn’t surprise me because I saw the slight difference in text.

    I remain stuck. That old 1.2 file has the exact text of my activation email. I simply know not where to locate that source file, even though I have found some indicate it’s in the filters file. I’m not seeing it in there;-(

    thanks. jz



    So my work is not in vain and the next person can benefit from me scouring the web and finding zero on this, the file path is … bp-members/bp-members-functions.php

    ding! Happy Easter;-)

    I’d like to thank all the volunteers who help us out in here. Anyone who tries to help another is a blessing, so thanks to all the moderators and other brave users who chime in.

    paaace. jz



    Use Total Commander’s Text search function.



    I’ll check it out.

    thanks, hmfaysal!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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