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    When I was testing the upgrade to 1.2.6, I found that there were 2 little changes to the default theme where the avatars are displayed for the activity stream:

    I tried to find the tickets that corresponded to these changes, but couldn’t find them. So, I’ll ask here about these changes. Obviously, I could override them in a child theme back to the original code. Although, maybe I should change the BP_AVATAR_THUMB_WIDTH and BP_AVATAR_THUMB_HEIGHT variables since inheriting them from the default theme makes my display wrong when someone is posting a comment on the activity stream. I just wondered what other impact it will have if I change these 2 variables to a different value. If there’s other impact, then I guess overwriting the default parent theme is better.

    Anyone else had to deal with this in the upgrade?

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  • Those control the size of the avatars (used in and for cropping, and in theory throughout the site):



    I guess the other weird part is that in the 2 changes where it was moved to those configuration settings, it changes from 2 different sizes (25×25 and 60×60) to one size (BP_AVATAR_THUMB_WIDTH BP_AVATAR_THUMB_HEIGHT).

    I’m not really complaining about the change and I certainly could have tried this before the release and seen the potential problem. I just wonder if this is the best long term strategy. Seems like it will break a number of themes like it did my child theme. I can modify my child theme no problem, but others might not be as lucky.

    Are there any other places that these avatar settings are used? Anyone know of any other places? I know the initial resizing would use them, but with them being square it’s not that big of an issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
  • The topic ‘BP_AVATAR_THUMB_WIDTH BP_AVATAR_THUMB_HEIGHT Used in BP 1.2.6 Update’ is closed to new replies.
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