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bp_nav_items theme problem

  • sqrr


    Hey Folks!

    Firstly, a big thx to Jeff for the component skeleton! It’s a big help for word-/buddy-press n00bies!

    Well, i stuck now with my component on the navigation tab registration.

    The problem is when i registered the tab with “bp_nav_items” and click the tab ( the correct functions is called but it neighter loads the component css nor the member-theme. Instead it gets the home-theme.

    (It works fine like it should on the sub navigation like “”)

    Did I forget to register something?

    cheers for ur help


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  • Jeff Sayre



    Firstly, a big thx to Jeff for the component skeleton!

    Your welcome! But Andy deserves the most credit. I just helped to update it.

    So, let me make sure that I understand your issue. You’ve registered your custom component using an add_action( 'bp_nav_items', ..., ...); to add a button (or tab as you’re calling it) to the navigation array. It works fine in your member’s theme but not your home theme.

    Is this correct?

    Are you using a customized home theme?

    Have you checked to make sure the header.php file in your home theme has this line?

    <?php do_action( 'bp_nav_items' ); ?>



    Of course! A huge thx to Andy as well! He’s any way like Santa! brings us all this lovely stuff which makes us happy ;)

    Jep, added that correctly and the button/tap is shown.

    function add_location_to_main_menu() {

    $class = (bp_is_page(\'countries\')) ? \' class=\"selected\" \' : \'\';

    echo \'<li \' . $class. \'><a href=\"\' . get_option(\'home\') . \'/countries\" title=\"\' . __( \'Countries\', \'buddypress\' ) .\'\">\' . __( \'Countries\', \'buddypress\' ) .\'</a></li>\';


    My Problem in this case is that it doesn’t load the structure.css from the component when I open the component over this button. It works properly when get to the page over the sub navigation link.

    (I’m using a customized home as well as a customized member theme. )

    thx 4 ur help!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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