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Brainstorming: Sign-Up Conundrum

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    I’m brainstorming trying to figure this out. Not sure it can be done.

    – I have paid subscriptions on my site.
    – Reading anything on the site (including activity/public groups) and posting comments on blog posts is free.
    Participating (activity, groups, blogging) is covered by the subscription fee.
    – I don’t want to allow for open registrations.
    – I want people to pay for subscription prior to sign-up.
    – After paying I want them to register.
    – I would also like for them to create their own (subdomain) blogs after they pay and register.

    Currently I’m creating all registrations and blogs manually and users have to wait for me to do the work before they can participate.

    What I would like to happen:

    – After “Becoming a Member” by paying via paypal, the user should be redirected to the “Register” page where sign-up is as usual from there.

    Because I don’t have open registrations, the registration form doesn’t appear on the “Register” page.

    I would use open registration if I could block the Subscriber from posting to the BuddyPress sections – the Subscriber could read but not post.

    I have tried using s2Member, but it is counter intuitive to how I have my system set up. It insists that I give level 1s a free blog if I have open registration with ability to create blogs. I want to block off activity by role and s2Member wants to block of sections of the site.

    Any ideas?

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