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broken links in activity stream

  • andrew55


    I have BuddyPress integrated with bbPress.

    Maybe I should I left it alone, but in bbPress I changed the slugs:

    Forum Root (from “forum” to “community”)
    Forum (from “forum” to “discussion”)

    The new urls work fine in bbPress.
    …is now…

    But in the activity streams in BuddyPress (sitewide and user), some of the the update links to these forums are broken. Some links go to the new urls, but some still go to the old urls (leading to 404 errors).

    I used both tools in admin for repairing indexing in both bbPress and buddyPress (several times), with no luck.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    I thought about changing bbPres slugs back, but then I’m concerned there will still be broken links.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • danbp


    Activities prior to your slug modification are not modified recursively. That’s normal behave.

    The only way i know to do that is to change the slug manually in the activity table.
    If you have many forum related activities, use a mysql script.



    Thank you for the help. I’m not too good with mysql scripts, but what about using this tool:

    Database Search and Replace Script in PHP

    It seems like is should work at finding the old urls and replacing them with the new. I guess I could just try it out (with a database backup).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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