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Broken links in private group membership request email

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    When the admin for a private BP group gets an email requesting approval for a new member, BP creates Approve and Reject links. But they aren’t working for me. It looks like a nonce problem – the nonce key at the end of the URLs on [group]/admin/membership-requests is different from the one in the email. Is this a known problem?

    In any case, I could just hack the core to remove the Approve/Reject links and replace them with a link to the membership-requests page. I’d rather do it with a plugin, but I can’t get my plugin to hook in. (I’m kind of new to this!) Is there something wrong with the hook I’m using? (WPMu 2.1.7, BP1.0)

    remove_action( ‘groups_membership_requested’, ‘groups_notification_new_membership_request’ );

    add_action( ‘groups_membership_requested’, ‘groups_notification_new_membership_request_custom’ );

    Thanks for your help!


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