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Buddy Press and BP Ajax Chat

  • We have looked long and hard for a chat that would work for us…… BP Ajax chat is not perfect but as close as it comes as to what we wanted, it doesn’t float in the browser, but it works.
    Now the Problem
    It causes the messages in BP to kick an error………..anyway does anybody know How TO make both work
    or another chat that floats that wont interfere?
    any input would be great
    ps we also had to disable the shoutbox in the BP ajax chat, when it was installed, and now had to uninstall it all together because the messages would not work

    we work from wp 301
    all plug-ins updated
    moz, exp. chrome ect
    Thanks Dominick

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  • My experience with buddy press
    we could not get any of this to work right, would not let people log in, was adding its own password, all kinda of crazy stuff………. I was disappointed, it was a mess, really was not user friendly, now I used the Template package, that may be why.
    When we got a plug in update we had to deactivate we had to disable BP, then reactivate, and reset all the settings. Just Not there yet.
    Someone really needs to get this socialization of WordPress going, I would donate if someone could get one really going….with a good webmail floating chat…clean user-online indicator, easy friend network. I guess this is pretty tough to build, I don’t have a dog in the race.
    Just to many issues for me



    My advice is to forget about chat tools for BP until the next round of major Web browser releases. That means Firefox 3.7 and IE 9, not sure about Chrome and Safari and Opera. Reason being, there are MAJOR changes coming with HTML 5 and some of those changes will make chat tools far more powerful (if developers take advantage of the new capabilities). So basically, if you spend a lot of time on getting chat working today, in six months you might want to toss it all in favor of newer more robust tools.

    But that’s just my perspective.

    Sounds like good advice………Really all we are want is a good Profile Display Page, and an easy floating Chat maybe later on, Profiler Plug-in is the only one out there, and all of sudden it did not list our last few new members, we deleted it and and reinstalled it, and the new members are still not in there.
    All the social plug ins for wordpress are a mess, we tried Theme My Profile Plug In, Mingle, BP………We get them to function all right, but then after a few days, we start having problems with Registrations, its always the registrations.
    There is a standard that has been set by Facebook, we just cant touch it. That is how they grew so big.
    We finally found a fairly decent User email Plug in.
    Wordpress is really starving for a plug in this area.
    Anyway thanks for the Advice.



    CometChat has a payed solution, but it looks really good:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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