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BuddyBar Links Wrong?

  • JohnnyJonJon


    Hi all,

    First, complements to everyone with the upcoming release. I’m running BP 1.7 on a site that’s about to go live and it’s an amazing addition to the WP portfolio.

    Also, I’m happy with the buddy bar top right, the only problem is that it seems the top level links are not correct. For example:

    activity (goes to /members/user/activity) shouldn’t this be go to all activity?
    —>personal (also goes to /member-dir/user/activity) correct

    groups (goes to /members/user/groups) shouldn’t this go to /members/groups?
    —>personal (goes to /members/user/groups) correct

    same with forums

    Am I doing something wrong? I tried switching to bp-default to no avail. Customizing the menu seems a little complicated, but do I need to do this?

    Thanks, Jon

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  • danbpfr


    No this is the normal behaviour. The ToolBar top right menus are “Your Account” access menus.

    Before BP integrates the WP ToolBar, the plugin had is own toolbar (ak buddybar). On this “old” bar, those menus where all under a label “your account”, on the left. Since this bar is disabled, the account access menu was migrated at this place.

    Global activity or global group access or forums buttons are all on the menubar. (if your theme use a menubar !)



    Ok, thanks very much – I was thinking of this incorrectly as a menu to the site, but like you said, this is for the user’s account menu, and other top level things are better served by a site nav.

    Thank again, Jon

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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