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Buddypress 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 ugrade FAIL!

  • thelandman


    Okay, so I tried upgrading to bp 1.2.4 from 1.2.3. I used the automatic upgrade through the WordPress panel. After buddypress upgraded, I got major errors. I can’t recall what the errors. This solution may help some people. This happens AFTER AN AUTOMATIC UPGRADE.

    1. All you have to do is move all your plugins EXCEPT for BuddyPress to a temporary directory that isn’t in: wp-content/plugins/
    2. Go to your browser then go to
    3. Activate buddypress 1.2.4
    4, Move all your plugins back to: wp-content/plugins/
    5. ReActivate and there we go!
    6. :)

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  • Jeff Sayre


    You must always deactivate any BuddyPress-specific plugins before upgrading or reinstalling BuddyPress. That is why your first attempt failed. Moving your plugins outside of the /plugins directory basically accomplished that for you.

    From that Codex article:

    “…it’s a good idea to disable other BuddyPress plugins first of all”

    Since BP 1.2, all BP-dependent plugins should have code that will prevent them from firing if BP is not activated. However, some plugin devs have not added that coding to their plugin so you can have issues.



    @jeffsayre :D Just in case someone skips the codex. Thanks.



    @JeffSayre, maybe that can be handled somehow by BP? Add a hook that will deactivate all the BP plugins and then ask to reactivate them manually by admin?

    Also, I suggest changing the subject of the topic, since it’s not relevant and people can get confused (I felt like that after reading it) :|




    is BP 1.2.4 already released ?
    …… as there is still one ticket open in TRAC:

    It is, that was posted after it. There’s nothing stopping you creating tickets with a 1.0 milestone (other than angry admins!)

    Terry Hall


    Upgraded from BP 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 (automotic upgrade) – my blogs directory is empty – “Sorry no blogs found) – Main menu blogs item.

    Using WPMu 2.9.2 & default BP Theme. (I’ve removed all BP Related plugins & BP is only active plugin. Also deactivated/reactivated theme)

    After the upgrade I can not see blog?



    I can confirm that blogs are missing after upgrading to BP 1.2.4 on a WPMU 2.9.2 install.



    yeah, the main Blog and the user-Blogs diappeared……at least the Blog-Listing at the Blogs-directory (using WPMU).
    @andy @jjj could you please check

    That happened on my site too – but I thought this was related to a Fatal Error I had with a key plugin. So maybe the two issues were separate….hmmm…..

    Arx Poetica


    One (troublesome, but workable) solution would be to switch your WPMU site to WP. Realizing this could be a pain if you’re site is highly configured — but it *is* a possibility.

    I fixed this error. But after upgrade to 1.2.4 my data in forums use vietnam font lost, and show only the first letter. :(( . Help me!

    Sam Steiner


    Wow, I was just about going to upgrade but checked here quickly because upgrading BuddyPress always has a kind of bad feeling attached to it (at least for me) – and sure enough, it seems I wont be able to upgrade just now… :-(



Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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