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BuddyPress 1.2.5 tickets are cleared out

  • John James Jacoby


    Going to give it a few days to see if any issues pop up. If you’re comfortable doing a little testing, the branch of code is considered stable enough to be the next bug fix release. I’ll be combing through the 1.2.5 enhancements to see if there’s anything that can be snuck in next.

    You can download it from the link on the bottom of of the page on our bug tracker and manually FTP up to your install, or svn up if you run your install in an SVN checkout of the 1.2 branch.

    Thanks to everyone that’s contributed this round. Provided no major bugs crop up, look for 1.2.5 to drop sometime in the next day or two.

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  • Hi @johnjamesjacoby. Yawn… a nice sunny Sunday morning, so I thought, “Why not?” Copied the files into the right folder, ran my local test installation and got;

    Warning: require(BP_PLUGIN_DIR/bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:xampplitehtdocswp-contentpluginsbuddypressbp-core.php on line 8

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘BP_PLUGIN_DIR/bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php’ (include_path=’.;C:xampplitephpPEAR’) in C:xampplitehtdocswp-contentpluginsbuddypressbp-core.php on line 8

    The readme.txt file is full of php code. Should I be renaming that and running it, or creating a new folder, or something? Haven’t tried a test version of BP yet (as you can tell) but am happy to if I can get it going.

    John James Jacoby


    You may want to try your download/upload again, as it appears something might have occurred during your file transfer.

    Just checked the readme.txt and the files you show throwing an error, and they don’t contain anything like you’ve mentioned.

    I updated the link in the first post to take you to the trac source page rather than the zip directly. Maybe try it that way?

    Hmm… @johnjamesjacoby; I did as you suggested, then disabled all BP plugins and BP, deleted the BP files, and copied the new ones in. The readme.txt is still code by the way, starting with;

    define ( ‘BP_XPROFILE_DB_VERSION’, ‘1870’ );

    /* Define the slug for the component */
    if ( !defined( ‘BP_XPROFILE_SLUG’ ) )
    etc., etc.

    On activating the new BP I get;

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_loaded() (previously declared in C:xampplitehtdocswp-contentpluginsbuddypressbp-loader.php:55) in C:xampplitehtdocswp-contentpluginsbuddypressbp-loader.php on line 56

    Everything else in WP and BP has been running fine so far.

    John James Jacoby


    There is no way this is a problem with the zip. I’ve checked it a few times now and it’s perfect.

    There is guaranteed no PHP code in the readme.txt. This has to be a problem with your installation.

    Try to download the zip again, and open readme.txt in a text editor. It is the standard readme.txt.

    Just to clarify, it’s this link (as of now, anyway. Anyone coming to this thread after today will need to follow the trac link to get the latest revision)

    @johnjamesjacoby ok I checkedout trunk which on reflection was not what I intended as that is bleeding edge soon to be tagged 1.3 isn’t it? On a side note there installed that for fun and it breaks straightaway with an undeclared function bp_page_title() which isn’t a new function!

    It’s been a while since I used Subversion – mainly due to disliking it :) using the repo browser I am downloading:

    That is I presume is the current state of play for the 1.2 branch to be tagged as 1.2.5

    @johnjamesjacoby; I’ve just downloaded the zip file again, and oddly enough the readme.txt is now as expected. No idea what was going on there! I’ll have a look at the latest BP soon and let you know how it is.

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla That is correct. The 1.2 branch of code is what we’re working with. Anything up until 1.3 will exist in that branch of code. SVN can be confusing, but it works really well for large project development with multiple developers and various states of progress; projects like WordPress and BuddyPress would be a nightmare without it.

    @lincme Awesome; look forward to your response :)

    CVS is vital for projects, and I had once pushed for using SVN on a web app project but was overruled by the rest of the team as they thought it would be too confusing! I was proved right and they regretted not implementing it. If I ever have cause to implement a CVS in the future I’ll probably be looking at GIT As at first glance it does seem one whole heap less confusing than SVN and like the decentralized approach.

    The branch Installed with no issues despite having activated bleeding edge, deactivating it, removing bleeding edge folder, replacing with branch and reactivating, alf expected that to cause issues in the DB but at initial test all seems to be fine.



    1.2.5 in testing and for now no problem thanks JJJ, a question about translation there will be changes?

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla Awesome thanks!

    @arturo84 Good question… If there are, they are very few and probably tweaks to %s or %d that were incorrect. Could run a diff of fhe buddypress.pot and see what comes up different.

    @johnjamesjacoby; Just a quick note, as I’m off out for a while. I noticed in the previous version of BP that the ‘?’ symbol on the profile age next to the avatar was reporting names wrongly. I hacked it in core, but now it’s back in the new version.

    Eg., with a user ‘fred’, when logged in as fred the message is correct. But if I’m logged in as ‘admin’ I get this when looking at fred’s profile (notice ‘admin’ in second sentence);

    @ fred is a unique identifier for admin that you can type into any message on this site. admin will be sent a notification and a link to your message any time you use it.

    When I hacked it I removed the extra names, as they’re not required;

    @ fred is a unique identifier for this person that you can type into any message. He/she will be sent a notification and a link to your message when you do this.

    That message uses the bp_get_displayed_user_username() for the @ and bp_get_user_firstname( bp_get_displayed_user_fullname() ) for the 2nd/3rd references.

    BUT if bp_get_displayed_user_fullname() is empty – bp_get_user_firstname falls back on $bp->loggedin_user->fullname

    So either the core logic needs to change or you can filter on bp_get_user_firstname and just remove it

    JJJ – bump the version number on the style.css?

    John James Jacoby


    @nuprn1 Just patched the branch for that issue. Care to test?

    The style.css will get bumped when 1.2.5 is tagged.



    Only just noticed this issue in BP 1.2.4 too.
    Seems to reflect the name of who is logged in, rather than who the @mention belongs to. Is this now fixed in 1.2.5?

    Sheesh. Just got back, downloaded and tried the new bump, and every plugin is failing one after another. Messages like;

    Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Group_Extension’ not found in C:xampplitehtdocswp-contentpluginsbp-edit-group-slugbp-edit-group-slug.php on line 27

    Removing them fixes it, adding them back; fail. :(

    Edit: Has something changed function-wise? One plugin on reactivation, for example, is giving the following error (shortened);

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_site_admin()

    John James Jacoby


    @lincme A few things have changed. Try a full and complete BuddyPress file replacement and report back. I am running the 1.2.5 version (same as you) with the BP Edit Group Slug plugin (which appears to be giving you trouble) and I am receiving no errors with it.

    @johnjamesjacoby on the forums component page – if i’m logged out the alt class is applied to all forum topic rows, log in and alternates correctly.

    @johnjamesjacoby; It works now. I’ll hack a couple of things like the profile message being wrong, and also the View permalink (which also shows on the page you clicked to View, so you can view recursively!) Many thanks.

    Now, where can I see a lit of what’s changed in this version..? Edit: Found trac, no worries.




    bbPress files were not found
    plugin listed as 1.2.5 but theme is still listed as

    @johnjamesjacoby I noted that you closed the ticket Jeff raised on the alt striping class in line ~822 so I assumed it had been added but checking the 1.2.5 branch default themes _inc/global.js doesn’t show it?

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla The alt striping was off in a few places, so I fixed it in a different way.

    @lincme Glad you got it running.

    @nuprn1 Will take a look thanks. Can you try refreshing/clearing your cache? I made some changes and haven’t bumped the CSS version yet.

    @johnjamesjacoby also related to this too?
    if i place another table on the forums component – the tr alt class is being applied automagically (which someone reported to each row)

    @johnjamesjacoby how fixed it in a different way? it appears somewhat borked now? I thought Jeff’s patch worked well for me in testing but now am confused as removing that couple of lines in global.js shows that the alt class is being applied from elsewhere?

    In forums component logged out or in I have an empty class on one tr

    John James Jacoby


    Made what I think are the final few changes. I’m unable to duplicate the forum alt-striping issue.

    bbPress won’t be included in the Trac zip, because it’s setup as an SVN external. It will be in the final zip though.

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