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BuddyPress 1.2.5 tickets are cleared out

  • John James Jacoby


    Going to give it a few days to see if any issues pop up. If you’re comfortable doing a little testing, the branch of code is considered stable enough to be the next bug fix release. I’ll be combing through the 1.2.5 enhancements to see if there’s anything that can be snuck in next.

    You can download it from the link on the bottom of of the page on our bug tracker and manually FTP up to your install, or svn up if you run your install in an SVN checkout of the 1.2 branch.

    Thanks to everyone that’s contributed this round. Provided no major bugs crop up, look for 1.2.5 to drop sometime in the next day or two.

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  • John James Jacoby


    The alt styles are now setup correctly, with odd rows getting the alt class all through-out the installation. This includes forums, topics, and settings, all of which were previously working in different ways or not at all. I also added theads and proper th’s so their style would be applied correctly, which they previously were not.

    It will look differently than it did before, but this is the way it was always supposed to look. :)

    have a link to the latest 1.2.5 revision to test it out again?

    John James Jacoby


    @Johnjamesjacoby your @mention name is too long :)

    Erm I don’t really get what has gone wrong with this as I stated on that ticket of Jeff’s that I tested and all was ok now I look at the install that I made those changes on and see that all tr receive ‘alt’ which I wouldn’t have missed on initial testing so somewhat puzzled!

    One thing could you change it from ‘odd’ to ‘even’ as Jeff’s point was pertinent it’s rather annoying to class the th parent tr with ‘alt’ or use my snippet and add a class specif to parents of th elements so we can easily remove/change styling, not that it’s the best approach.

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla Can you take a screen shot of what you’re experiencing and attach it to the original ticket? My fix to this issue is not the same as yours and Jeff’s. Mine only applies alt styling to rows that are inside a tbody. Table headers are styled independently, which was always the original intent.

    @johnjamesjacoby revisiting it all I realise that the jQuery snippet was stating apply class to tbody>tr and yes that actually does work quite hapily and on the notification screen, which again makes me wonder what the original problem was as there definitely was one , if it was simply another statement somewhere conflicting that’s fair enough.

    It appears to be ok now, but it is still generating an empty class attribute on the even rows which would look better if it were killed.

    Edit/ empty class attribute appears to be only on the forum component screen? oh and on group forum screen

    One last thing to consider with the two approaches to zebra striping:

    With the decedent selector approach you rely on the correct markup being written; with an app such as WP or BP this has a drawback due to people being able to write less well structured markup in a plugin and perhaps omitting such elements as tbody (surprising how few can actually construct tables with all the full set of elements and attributes)

    The tr:nth-child approach has the slight benefit that it doesn’t look to the markup stucture for necessary parents or ancestors, simply working on an element that must exist.



    thank you for your hard work to get BP 1.2.5 sorted !

    Why donĀ“t you provide a “Donate-button” for yourself ?


    just a general question:
    So when I have a my wording customized in my language-file, and there are a few words new in this next version, how do I add those additional words into my .po file ?
    I am using POEDIT, but I did not see any possibility to add additional strings or lines into my .po-file using POEDIT.

    @johnjamesjacoby – still having the issue with the alt class being applied to all tr rows (but only on the forums component page for recent topics – if i log in – then the tr alternate ok. viewing the group forum-loop is ok logged out though) plain jane r3102 w/default theme. i digress though – not sure why this is being done via jquery and php (bp_get_the_topic_css_class)

    and I did see alt on each tr earler now don’t! but do see an empty class on the even rows, no matter logged in or out. (did update the checkout to revision 3102)

    TBH I would always choose to do this sort of thing server side rather than client side via the likes of jQuery – as much as I like playing with jQuery.

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla I agree with you, and that is what I’d like to do for 1.3.

    @nuprn1 And you deleted the old files, and uploaded the new ones in their place? Can you get some screen shots up for me to see?

    i run a local pointed at svn – i’ll grab a screenshot tomorrow morning.

    “Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in buddypressbp-core.php on line 315”

    @johnjamesjacoby; G’morning mate (or not, as may be your geographical case!) I’ve just been modifying some BP core files, as I do, and keeping them separate so I can overwrite and restore as seems best. The main reason is that I’m very finicky about how things read English-wise for site users, as I’ve found it can really put them off if it isn’t easy to read, or looks wrong because of syntax or extra spacing, etc.

    One of the main things I’ve changed is the English in the Activity steam. For example;

    “X and Y are now friends: 4 hours ago”

    That makes no sense to most not-techie users, and gives them the uncomfortable subconscious feeling that something is wrong. Mine now reads;

    “X and Y became friends 4 hours ago”

    I know it might seem over-picky, but I’ve done a fair bit of study into the psychological impact of software interfaces and website layouts on users, and small things really do make a difference. It’s amazing what the brain spots unconsciously, making the user feel either comfortable and relaxed, or increasingly more tense as the minutes go by in use.

    So, though I haven’t looked into it yet, is it possible to override core BP files in some way, or could it be made possible without huge amounts of work? I mean a bit like theming, where you can just clone the Default theme into a new folder and hack away merrily.

    One other option, of course, would be to keep *all* strings used in formatting in the /bp-languages/buddypress.pot file, and user them in all php files, so that modifying the .pot file would change the output instantly. At present, much of the string formatting is hard-coded into the php files (at least in English), so just changing the .pot file doesn’t work globally. Hmm… now I think about it, does using another language .pot file cause that to happen, ie., the formatting in the core php files is overridden? (I don’t speak any other language, and haven’t tried changing it). If this *is* the case, then creating an ‘English Modified’ .pot file would do the trick, yes..?

    @johnjamesjacoby At risk of the subject becoming a tad boring :) back to the zebras:

    For the moment, so I can move on I have adjusted bp-forums-templatetags.php – function bp_get_the_topic_css_class() ~580 to the snippet below to deal with the empty class attr:

    if ( 0 == (int)$forum_template->topic->topic_open ):
    $class .= ' closed';
    $class .= ' open';

    and commented out the functions if($forum_template ->current_topic … $class .= ‘alt’ leaving the jQuery snippet to deal with alt class as in the short term it’s easier to let jQuery deal with this rather than $class hopefully when it’s sorted one or another changes should silently overwrite with no impact.


    The problem is the jquery is picking up every tr for a given page and inserting the alt class based on the even/odd – while at the same time the recent discussion list is also inserting alt class via php but on a per table basis.

    All rows highlighted:

    Add one more row to the table above it:

    So, jquery alt class stuff needs to calc the odd/even on a per table basis. As any plugin (like mine) could insert an extra table into the theme file and cause the odd/even to be off.

    @nuprn1 I presume that you have seen Jeff’s ticket on the same issue -said for no particular reason :)

    about 10 minutes ago :P



    You should be able change the wording using a pot file. See this page:

    Although, your suggestion is a good one and could be added as a trac ticket for people to discuss and add to the core as appropriate.

    Edit: PoEdit is a great utility for creating the required language file from the BuddyPress basic .pot, and is available for various systems at

    @crashutah; Thanks for the link. I was just pondering the idea, and what might already exist, but I’ll create a language file now which will save me a lot of time later. Seems to me that any system which uses or will in future use multiple languages, should be designed from the start to have a central way to translate every string. Though from past experience I know that it’s not as easy as it might sound.

    John James Jacoby


    @nuprn1 I think I’ve got the zebras wrangled now. Please give it a go and let me know what you think. This is the last thing stopping us from a 1.2.5 release which will be sometime today.

    Fixes #2465 and #2475, for real this time. Now theres a confidant man! :)

    I’ll give it a test run as well, but if it doesn’t work…

    Nice touch on the mouseover.
    Empty classes still generated, so I hack core again to overcome that as it’s offensive :)

    Not sure how tr:odd produces alt token on even rows?

    anyhoo appears to be better than before!

    excellent! (now i can apply alt to my tables rows in a normal fashion)

    John James Jacoby


    @hnla It’s a silly code thing. The first row is 0, which is an even number. The second row, is row 1, which is odd.

    John James Jacoby


    1.2.5 has just been tagged. Blog post coming soon!

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