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BuddyPress 1.5 user fullname save/show errors

  • juanmaguerrero


    Hi everyone! I’m currently testing BP 1.5 and found some issues, one is that when I look at a member’s profile, next To the avatar are supposed to be the display name and below the @username

    When a user registers and completes the field “full name” (the base name field) for example putting “Juanma Guerrero” in that field and “juanmaguerrero” in the username field, and completes the registration, after activating and looking to his profile page, you can see right next to the avatar “juanmaguerrero” as the full name and “ @juanmaguerrero” below.

    When I go to the admin panel >> Users >> and edit “juanmaguerrero’s” user, I can set to show publicly the fullname “Juanma Guerrero”. Then I see in the profile page next to the avatar the “Juanma Guerrero” name and below the “ @juanmaguerrero“.

    Now another issue! If logged in with this user I go to “edit profile” and do anything like hit the “save” button or try to change the fullname field content, an error shows telling that there was an error while saving the changes and once again we go to square one where both times the username is displayed right next to the avatar. And I can’t change this info…

    Now checking my Database I see in “wp_users” -> juanmaguerrero I see that this fields and values… (among others):

    `|| user_login || juanmaguerrero`
    `|| user_nicename || juanmaguerrero`
    `|| user_url || (empty)`
    `|| display_name || (empty)`

    I hope this information is useful! Does someone encountered this issue? Can you help fix it? thanks a lot!

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  • Boone Gorges


    Thanks for the details, @rossagrant. I’ve created a Trac ticket for the dev team to look into it.



    i am having a similar problem with this in 1.6.5….
    in conjunction with s2member

    can import members ok via s2member but if i go to EDIT the member, changes will not save and it takes me to a 404 page outside the dashboard!!!

    my brain is too mushy to figure this out… need direction if anyone out there has had a similar challenge…

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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