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Buddypress 1.7 Theme Compatibility

  • tcbroonsie


    I’m very excited about the beta release. I’ve installed on 2 premium themes and neither one of them would work with BP. One has already been addressed by another member and it was revealed to be the fault of the theme’s coding. I suspect the 2nd theme also has coding issues.

    Is there something like the WP Theme-Check plugin for BP 1.7 that could be run to let me know if BP will play nice with a particular theme even if there are minor coding issues that wouldn’t prevent BP from working? I know not all themes are 100% compliant but still run fine with no major problems.


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  • @mercime


    @tcbroonsie Please share the names of the two themes which did not work with BP 1.7 theme compat so that we can be prepared if others using the same themes post here with the same issue. Much appreciated.

    Easiest test -> activate BuddyPress and check BP pages using Twenty Twelve. If it’s working as expected in your installation using Twenty Twelve but does not work with a WordPress theme you activate next, then there’s a problem with the theme. Either theme author has rewritten WP templating system or added layer/s of abstraction which prevents BP template parts from showing up in that theme, etc/

    As for plugins, starting off with the Theme Check plugin – if you see any WARNINGS and REQUIRED issues showing up after you run the theme check, then it’s possible that the theme might not work with BP

    Check out Theme Mentor plugin as well
    It’s a relatively new plugin and has some false positives but it’ll help you out.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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