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BuddyPress 1.8.11 and WP Multisite – Problem Cropping Avatars

  • consulternativesllc



    I have been reading similar issues throughout the web on this so, I just want the most concise and best answer that can be provided if possible as my project cannot launch without the ability to crop and upload avatars to user accounts using BuddyPress 1.8.11 and WP Multisite.

    Each time, I attempt to upload an avatar, the images do upload and when I attempt to crop them, I continually get the message/error of “There was a problem cropping your avatar”.

    I have CHMOD the proper directories to 777 on my VPS server (where I have full control) and the images are uploaded to the directories, they simply do not make it past cropping to committing the changes to the user profile. I will admit this is frustrating as we are unable to launch our project without this issue resolved. The issue also occurs with group avatars and before anyone asks, yes, we are able to upload images to the Media Library without any issues.

    So, as I mentioned before, all I want is a definitive answer on this – no speculation and I don’t want 10 different answers. All I can say at this point is, this needs to be addressed, fixed, and patched in some way for both WP and WP Multisite.


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