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BuddyPress Activation Email Problem

  • chiragsharma11


    Hey Guys,
    I know that a lot of you guys have asked this question before but I still can’t find a solution to this problem anywhere.

    Whenever I try to set up new user, I never get the activation email. I hhave the WP SMTP plugin installed with the “from” email set to and all correct SMTP localhost and port settings. That being said, I get all the other emails , that is from the contact forms I have and I also get the BuddyPress notification emails such as the user addition, friend request. It is just that I am not getting any activation link at all. I have tested all the plugins (disabling and enabling them together and separately), but that doesn’t work out either. This is the only site left before I hand it over to the client, so any help would be appreciated.

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