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Buddypress Activation Email

  • salvig67


    For what ever reason I am not getting the activation emails for my buddypress. It is the current version 1.5.4 Is their a plugin fix for this. The site install and setup was flawless. I read a little about this issue but i am having a hard time finding the solutions. Thanks to all whom have experience with this and reply with a solution.

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  • aces


    Sometimes the email gets stuck in spam or junk filters.

    To get email working, some web hosts require an extra wordpress plugin, such as:

    wp-mail-smtp and configure-smtp can send a test email which often provides useful debug information!

    This is a frequently discussed issue here and people have found all three different plugins useful – there may be others.

    Please check your host’s knowledge base or faq for further information….



    Thanks much I found out what it was. I put a plugin that was not compatible or tested with current versions.

    My Bad I should have known better :)

    I will check into the other things as well.

    I already have mail-from I will get the others as well can only help in the future.

    Thanks Again.



    Actually I think this could also be related to a bug in the way BP handles breaking down the domain to build the from email address.

    for instance my WP URL does not include the WWW.
    and I have tried fresh installs on servers where the SMTP is known to be set up correctly and activation emails stop working once BP is installed, no other plugins installed either.

    In order to get my emails from buddypress to work (including the activation email) I had to add this to my functions.php to explicitly set my “from” address.
    //Fix Email issue
    function fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter() {
    return apply_filters( ‘bp_core_email_from_address_filter’, ‘’);
    add_filter( ‘wp_mail_from’, ‘fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter’ );`

    be sure to change “” with your actual URL.

    This has been working for me, so far.



    Yes the plugin changes the from mail with a user or a specified email as aces said above.

    Seems my issue was I installed a Private Community plugin did not even activate it and it created a problem with buddypress sending out the email

    As soon as I removed the plugin the issue was resolved. I need only add my categories, social login and bingo we are up and running.

    Love WordPress :)

    I am having the same issue. WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress 1.5.4

    Added the custom code from above to the functions.php – did not help. Cannot get the activation email to get sent and I have tried 15 different REAL email accounts including, and

    After Registration… it lands me on the Registration Complete message… tells me an activation email is waiting for me. But also have the Gravatar Upload available. If I try to upload anything, it just bumps me out, because I have NOT activated yet.

    I am STUMPED! I will try deactivating ALL plugins but I am down to the bare bones now.

    Someone please help… I am weeks over due and I thought I was just about ready to launch… now this!


    okay deactivated every plugin except BuddyPress. Am using BP-Mag theme built for BuddyPress…

    no activation email still! I am screwed!

    Also… activated the Default BuddyPress theme… still nothing! weeks of work down the tubes! Please can someone help… can give admin login.

    stupid thought… but possible the issues are because this is installed and running from a sub-directory??? Not the main route public_HTML

    okay… so last thing I checked in the General Settings was that I still had the “www” in the path. So I removed it and now ALL HAIL THE KING… I get an activation email!


    I have tried all ways mentioned above.. added the Mail-From and wp-mail-smtp plugin and it still doesn’t work at all. It just bring me back to the home page without any successful registration complete message…

    What can be wrong?

    @ORyanMcentire you mentioned you add a code into functions.php. Where can i find this file? Which part should i insert this code.
    //Fix Email issue
    function fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter() {
    return apply_filters( ‘bp_core_email_from_address_filter’, ‘’);
    add_filter( ‘wp_mail_from’, ‘fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter’ );



    @allentan What debug info does a wp-mail-smtp test email give you.

    Does that email actually leave your host’s servers?

    The functions.php file would be found in the ( child ) theme directory. If it doesn’t exist you can create one.

    Were you logged out when you filled in the registration form?

    I wonder if this even is an email problem as I can’t reach normal buddypress pages such as I get `(HTTP 404 Not Found)`….

    The activate page is this

    Beside functions.php, is there any other files is causing the issue?

    So for functions.php , what i need is to create a file and with the code below:
    //Fix Email issue
    function fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter() {
    return apply_filters( ‘bp_core_email_from_address_filter’, ‘’);
    add_filter( ‘wp_mail_from’, ‘fix_bp_core_email_from_address_filter’ );

    I tried to add in a functions.php by added above code to my existing functions.php in my theme folder, and it gives an error. This doesn’t work.

    The page URL is a Page_name by itself, when creating a new page, the URL end with a .html I am using a special plugin call “Page Link To” to link the page to the correct Page name. That is from to this is so because my permalink is not working to what i intented the page URL to be. Will this cause an issue?

    ANother things which i have question is the the registeration page seems missing some field.
    There is a profile Detail but no field to enter those info. Is there some info which needs User to Key in?

    Very strange that why My registration page is Not accepting user registration. You can do a try to register..

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