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Buddypress activity page not working properly

  • leonardoarias


    Hi Fellow BuddyPress Friends!

    I need your help.

    My activity page is not working properly. It seems to be just one issue that is causing all the following problems.

    1) The “Load more” button doesn’t work properly. Instead of loading more activity, it opens a new page with the previous activity:

    2) When I post something in the activity page, the page gets reloaded (instead of the message being posted smoothly into the feed, as its supposed to be). The message gets posted but with a page reload. Also, I get a confirmation message (check attached photo).

    3) Related to that, the buttons to filter the content of the activity page, don’t work (all members, following, my likes, mentions).

    4) The dropdown (in the activity page) to filter content by comments, forum posts, etc, doesn’t work either.

    5) When I try to comment in a post in the activity page, the page gets reloaded: (instead of just displaying the reply box).

    6) Also, as odd as it sounds, the page title for my activity page disappeared.

    All these 6 issues happened all the same time.


    What I have done to hunt down the problem:

    – I have disabled all plugins, and just had activated the buddypress. Problem persists.
    – I have changed to one of the default WordPress themes. Problem persists.
    – I created a fresh new install, (another domain), and just installed Buddypress. Problem persists.
    – I even contacted my hosting company (wpengine) to see if there was something wrong with my hosting space. Nothing found.
    – I debugged the page using Firebug. Nothing found.


    Wordpress version: 4.1.1
    Buddypress version: 2.2.1

    Please, your help will be very appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • danbp


    [MOD EDIT] links removed.
    Please use a fake URL when you want to mention a path.

    Have you assigned a page to the activity component ? Sometimes it’s not setup automatically.
    Also which is your theme ?

    Configure BuddyPress



    All symptoms sound like a problem with the javascript not working properly.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s a problem with BuddyPress.

    Maybe you have javascript disabled in your browser? Can you try other browsers?

    If you’re starting on a fresh WordPress install, install BuddyPress from the WP admin dasbhoard’s “Plugins > Add New” page.



    @danbp Sorry for the links. They were fake urls anyway.
    Yes, the activity component has an assigned page.
    The problem happens with all the default themes from wordpress.

    I thought so. But my javascript is enabled. Tried from different browsers and computers.
    And yes, I installed Buddypress from the Wp admin dashboard.


    UPDATE: I “temporarily” solved the problem. I just disabled “Activity Auto-refresh: Automatically check for new items while viewing the activity stream”. Now, it works.

    But, I would like to use the Activity Autorefresh. But I feel we are getting closer to the problem. Do you know what file is used for the “Activity Auto-refresh” feature? So I can debug even further and see what is causing the conflict.




    If you have to disable activity auto-refresh, this is telling me that there are other problems.

    Try re-enabling auto-refresh and use Firebug to see what JS errors are being logged. Also try purging your browser cache to determine that you are running the latest BP JS.

    Activity auto-refresh uses the WP Heartbeat API. The relevant JS is here:

    Let us know what your debugging finds.



    I enabled the auto-refresh and used Firebug. No errors are found. And I did purge my cache. It’s very odd.



    Just ran into this same issue. I’ve un-checked it for now. Did you find a solution?



    Ok after the latest update 2.7 my site doesn’t load the older activities on “Load More” button. It was working fine with the older version



    Nevermind I just fixed it myself, some extra function was conflicting with it.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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