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Buddypress and Twenty Twelve compatibility

  • craftersuniversity


    I have had some serious trouble getting a sidebar to show on the pages generated by Buddypress under my websites theme “Twenty Twelve”. The sidebar simply doesn’t show up, but on regular WordPress pages and post it shows up as usual. The source code shows the name of the widgets though, along with the CSS styling, but nothing is visible. I’ve search the web for over a day now, and i haven’t found any useful information. The only thing that even come close is the so called “Buddypress Template Pack” but unfortunately it is no longer available, which makes those guides completely useless.

    I’ve tried everything i can think of ( considering i don’t understand PHP ). I’ve deactivated all plugins except Buddypress, fiddle about with .PHP files, trying to copy the theme “sidebar.php” and “sidebar-page.php” file to a child theme and renaming them “sidebar-buddypress.php”, removing the “‘buddypress'” part in the “get-sidebar” function, installing different plugins related to buddypress sidebars, but nothing works. I’ve tried Buddypress own default theme and it does show a sidebar, so this has to be an incompatibility between Twenty Twelve and Buddypress.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone have any information at all? I’m completely at a loss on what to do here…

    WordPress 3.6.1 (latest version)
    Twenty Twelve 1.6 (latest version)
    Buddypress 1.8.1 (latest version)

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  • BP is fully compatible with WP default themes it’s what we’ll test against amongst others.

    If you’re running in theme compatibility mode then BP uses page.php initially to render it’s screens, although you can overide that by creating new versions of that file, so you should see whatever sidebar page.php is showing.

    If you are doing anything contrary to basic theme compatibility you’ll need to detail that.

    There are a couple of guides on theme compatibility in the Codex which will help you understand your options.



    @craftersuniversity At this moment, I see that you’re using a Twenty Eleven as parent theme and not Twenty Twelve.

    Twenty Eleven has a one-column layout for its default page.php. Check out this tutorial for getting a sidebar into the BP pages:



    Sorry about that, i should have written Twenty Eleven, how embarrassing 🙂

    Your tip worked a treat though, thanx alot! I would never been able to solve that without your helpful tip 🙂

    The only thing missing now is the sidebar on bbPress generated pages… you wouldn’t by any chance know how to fix that too?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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