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Buddypress as a Business Listing Directory?

  • coolhunt


    Hello Gents, (directed towards @buddyboss @sbrajesh )

    not really a ‘problem’ but a request for feedback/opinion..

    Im curious what your thoughts are on using BUDDYPRESS as a Business Listing Directory.. Ive been using it as that for one of my sites.. and its not a ‘perfect fit’ — however I do love how easy and straightforward it is to add a new profile/listing..

    Im very hesitant to use a plugin that creates a CPT or extra fields that is not from vanilla install

    *however using BP as a business directory listing system seems to be not very SEO friendly and not very schema-micro-formats compliant

    Would you guys use BP as a Business Directory Listing System.. or Should I just use another plugin instead?

    Any insight of best-practices -or- what you guys have seen in the wild..

    CC: @imath (i know you are busy.. but would still love to hear your thoughts – when time permits)

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  • BuddyBoss


    You could set a profile type as Business and then set profile fields for it that make sense for a business. That’s one option.

    One issue people sometime run into is that they want users to have a profile that represents a person, and then also have some business content like listings etc which are associated with that person. So then you’re back to using BuddyPress for the profiles and needing another plugin for the business content.

    So it really depends on what you’re trying to do. In most cases I think it’s cleaner to use a listing plugin and have it link to the buddypress profiles as the authors of the business listings.

    You could also use Groups to represent businesses. But that makes more sense if they are representing a company with members (employees), like a Facebook page. If you just want “listings” it’s overkill and then you’ve also lost the ability to use groups later on for what they’re really meant for.

    There is a plugin I really like for listings that is just simple to configure and use in my opinion. I have no affiliate with it, just have used it on some custom projects and found it easy to work with. This one, worth a look:

    Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

    Hi @coolhunt 🙂

    I think it depends on the level of user interactions you need. If your need is simply to list businesses, then yes a plugin like the one above should do the job.

    But if your need is to build something more “social”, like having business fans listed, discussions about the businesses, reviews. Then I’d probably choose BuddyPress and use one of my plugins to add profiles to group 🙂

    There’s a ticket on BuddyPress Trac about it:

    About SEO, I’d love to see a plugin making BuddyPress more friendly in this area and we’d be very happy to help improving this part as soon as we could have guidelines about the needs.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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