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BuddyPress-bbPress vs Ning 2.0/3.0

  • theaquaponicsource


    Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere and I missed it. We run a large Ning 2.0 community and are looking at possibly moving to BuddyPress-bbPress. Our concerns are that BP-bbP are still not robust enough for it to make sense to switch. I played around with the latest versions of these WP plugins briefly, and did not feel I could achieve anywhere near a Ning-like or better experience for our online community. Also, many of the BP-bbP plugins do not seem to be under very active professional development. These are huge concerns since we run a large online community professionally.

    I tried researching comparisons of BP-bbP vs Ning, but there wasn’t much good information out there. And what was out there seemed to all be from 2010. It was as if BP-bbP creators realized BP-bbP wasn’t up to par with Ning, and stopped trying to compare the two after 2010. I hope I’m mistaken on this. If so, I would love to be enlightened. Please provide real-world examples.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Henry Wright


    Hi theaquaponicsource

    There’s quite a lot of development activity going on right now with BP “under the hood” so to speak. Have a read of this blog post which announces the recent release of BP 2.0:

    BuddyPress 2.0 “Juliana”

    And keep in mind many of the WP plugins in the WordPress plugin repo work solidly on BP, you don’t necessarily need to use ‘BP plugins’ only:

    Ben Hansen


    i think its more due to the fact that nobody is talking about ning anymore their system isn’t very open technically speaking. for instance when i do a google search for ‘social network in a box’ or ‘social network software’ there are many references to buddypress in the results but none for ning. i know when i was looking at ning in 2010 coincidentally enough i decided their lack of customer service and locked in system weren’t a good way to go for our network. in fact ning isn’t even listed in the wikipedia list of social networking software options:

    although maybe because it’s a platform and not really software you can install.

    one more thing i would add is that a lot of the really popular dedicated buddypress plugins are now wordpress plugins as well so they may not really show up as buddypress only plugins anymore.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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