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Buddypress blocks flexslider

  • fotant


    Hello everyone!!!
    I use WordPress v. 3.6.1 and also BuddyPress plugin v. 1.8.1
    The problem is that I use flexslider as an image slider and when I activate Buddypress, the flexslider doen’t load the first image of the gallery (it only loads it for 1 sec and then white content and starts working fine from second slider). When I deactivate buddypress, slider works just fine..
    You can see a copy-demo of original site here->

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  • bp-help


    This is not really a BuddyPress issue! Why not pose this question on the plugins support forum? If memory serves me correct this is a Woo Themes plugin!



    No I use other theme and flexslider isn’t a plugin but jquery… and I believe it is a BuddyPress issue, because I searched through internet and found that others have similar problems with this plugin, but unfortunately I didn’t find a right solution. Any help is appreciated…



    I too am experiencing this issue, for reference:

    With buddypress enabled the first slide doesn’t work, the second slide and everything after works just fine. As others are experiencing this too in entirely different themes and combined with the fact deactivating buddypress solves the issue it has to be a buddypress problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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