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Buddypress Classifieds?

  • justbishop


    Is this even being supported any more? I can’t even DL it from here.

    I did grab it from the WP site and install, but I’m having the same photo upload issues that others have mentioned. Is this something that’s being worked on? Will it be ready by the time 3.0 comes out?

    If so, I have a feature request…instead of hardcoding the term “classifieds” everywhere, could we have the option in the admin panel config for the plugin to call them whatever we’d like?

    Anyway, I really need a classifieds plugin for my site concept. If this one isn’t going anywhere, does anyone have any other suggestions? I tried “Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin” but the config screen for it wouldn’t work with my install of 3.0 beta for some reason. I’m going to be running 3.0 multisite + Buddypress if that matters in regard to what classifieds plugins will work. Oh, and I need to have the option to make classifieds viewable and usable by members only and free.


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  • nipponmonkey


    I’m looking for the same kind of thing. I’ll have a look round something and I’ll let you know if I find anything…



    Thanks :)

    I was actually coming to post that I didn’t really need it any more, but it’d still be useful info I suppose.

    In my case, the actual “blog” part of the main blog wasn’t being used for anything, so I’m just using that as the classifieds post system. I have custom fields set up (custom field template plugin) for users to call their remotely hosted photos, and am using a combo of the Members and Adminimize plugins to hide admin panel stuff that they don’t need to see. I also had to do some editing of the core wp-admin/edit-users.php to get rid of unnecessary profile fields in the backend, but nothing too bad that it can’t be redone after an update.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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