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Buddypress conflict with Gravity Forms

  • cyndimarie


    I just recently decided to use Gravity Forms for the registration part of this buddypress site. Upon installing Gravity it is apparent that there is a conflict that is causing a JavaScript error that prevents the fields from being added to a form.

    I enlisted the help of Gravity Forms support, and (after testing to see which plugin was causing the conflict – buddypress) this is the response I got:

    The following is being injected before the opening doctype tag and in the admin-ajax.php response which is causing the JavaScript error that’s preventing the fields being added to the form.

    <div class="new-review-button">

    You’ll need to inform the developer of the problematic plugin so they can investigate further.

    Can anyone inform me where the admin-ajax.php is located or possible how to fix this?

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  • admin-ajax.php is a core WordPress file.

    I’ve searched for the phrase “new-review-button” in the BuddyPress code, and it doesn’t exist in BuddyPress. Perhaps it’s introduced by some other plugin on your site, but only when BuddyPress is active? I don’t know.

    What other plugins and themes are you using?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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