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Buddypress Docs & Multisite

  • pandraka


    I have a complex WordPress/BuddyPress site that now needs to be part of a multisite. I have come up with a migration plan, which includes moving most of the BuddyPress & profile tables manually. This site is the only pre-existing site to be moved to the new multi-site. It’s imperative that we don’t lose any of the site’s functionality or data. My question is to whether or not to network activate BuddyPress doc. Since documents will be connected to a group within a site I was inclined to activate BuddyPress docs on a site by site bases, BuddyPress & bbpress will be network activated. But I wasn’t sure if that was correct or should BuddyPress Docs be network activated? If so how would I ensure that docs from one subsite didn’t bleed into another? Thanks

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