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  • fawp


    Hi everyone,

    At the moment, when I need to look up a BP code related name (such as a function, a hook, etc.) I just google it.

    I have seen that some documentation is distributed, meaning, it’s not all centralized here on

    For example, this site seems to contain some (all?) of BP’s functions, hooks, etc. (I think this particular site has been put up by user vapvarun but his handle shows him as last active 6 months ago).

    I was recently given me access to the staging site and I started performing minor updates to some of the documents, but I have some questions, for example

    • were some of these external websites created by current BP members/admins, or are they independently run?
    • is there a rationale to what docs are stored here, Vs. docs stored in these external websites?
    • if I wanted to start updating more docs in the staging site, is there a process to follow?


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