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Buddypress dont see old WPMU blogs. Error: 'hasn't created any public blogs yet'

  • still giving


    Excuse the grammar above … but in Buddypress v. 1.1.2 and WPMU v. 2.8.4 (latest), there is bug where any previously created blogs set up before Buddypress was installed will be ignored by BP.

    On the /members/username/blogs list it will say:

    ‘user’ … ‘hasn’t created any public blogs yet’

    However … the blog and posts on it WILL show up elsewhere.

    Everything else works … I have tried activating and deactiving BP. I have tried toggling privacy. Nothing seems to work.

    • Could anyone point out which tables in the database have to be manually edited in order to fix this?

    (New blogs created after Buddypress was installed DO show up.

    > DJPaul said


    > Has the owner of one of these blogs logged into the (BuddyPress) site since you installed buddyPress?

    Yes. That is the strange thing.

    In etc … all their latest activity shows up

    But not in

    This is universal for all older users.

    • Could anyone point out which tables in the database have to be manually edited in order to fix this?

    (post moved due to bug in different, i.e. latest BP and WPMU).

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  • John James Jacoby


    Best I can tell looking for 30 seconds is that there is no backwards import.

    There’s two places where BP adds users to blogs…

    add_action( 'wpmu_new_blog', 'bp_blogs_record_blog', 10, 2 );


    add_action( 'add_user_to_blog', 'bp_blogs_add_user_to_blog', 10, 3 );

    So only when a new blog is created, or a user is added to a blog…

    I’ll look into this more this weekend if no one else chimes in with a better explanation.

    The tables to manually edit would be wp_bp_user_blogs, wp_bp_user_blogmeta, wp_bp_user_blogs_comments, and wp_bp_user_blogs_posts…

    If there really is no import script for previous blogs, add a ticket to the trac as an enhancement request and we’ll see about putting it in. (it may already be there but I’m just too tired to see it at the moment?)

    still giving


    I have looked but have had no luck with this at all. I cannot see at all where Buddypress keeps its list of recognised blogs.

    To add to this, I have also discovered that both WPMU and Buddypress seem to suffer from this disease … so it might be more WPMU related. I found older blogs and posts which should have been deleted still existing in my database.

    That is just a guess though.

    Is there a good way/plugin to clean out all inactive cruft from WPMU/Buddypress? Does BP even have a working uninstaller? I might have to rebuild from scratch … which I was trying to avoid.

    John James Jacoby


    BuddyPress doesn’t modify any WordPress tables or data. It does add a few entries to your _options though. The easiest way to “uninstall” BuddyPress is to drop the tables it creates when it installs. They usually start with “wp_bp_”.

    Very few WordPress plugins have a real “uninstall.” Most of them pollute the WordPress tables with their data and when you deactivate and delete that plugins files, their settings and data still remain in the database. It took me a while to get used to that too, coming from a world where if you don’t need something, you get rid of it; But it doesn’t hurt anything keeping it there, and it even helps sometimes if you decide to revisit a plugin that you deleted 6 months ago.

    In the coming weeks I may write a plugin to import existing blogs into the wp_bp_* tables, but the risk with that kind of thing is just like any other aggregator, it will be a very heavy routine that goes through all users, all blogs, all posts, and all comments, and feeds them into the BuddyPress tables for future use.

    still giving


    Does anyone know what to feed into where?

    Yes, I think this is a problem which will stick around as long as folks are migrating from WPMU to Buddypress.

    So it does deserve a fix, preferably in the core.

    It is beyond me … I have looked in all the tables but cannot see it at all.

    still giving


    I gave up stumbling in darkness and had to remake the blogs in order that they are seen and recognised by Buddypress. A process not helped by WordPress not exporting all information in its admin Export feature.

    Serious omission in the code here folks …



    Nothing good comes from your attitude buddy:

    “Serious omission in the code here folks …”

    I think from this point on you are pretty much on your own and are encouraged by righting your own plugin or publishing system. With a good attitude you’ll find a lot more help.

    still giving



    If you read the English, it was a comment regarding the WordPress Export function (which exports posts and page but not it seems the blogroll) … not your plugin.

    That seems like an awfully strange and unnecessary omission … and a PITA to administer when it comes to having rebuild a community by hand.

    I am sorry but spending one’s times to ‘beta testing’ other folks’ software, and bug reporting back, is also service to the community and improves it.

    Nothing good comes from being oversensitive about fair observations … especially those addressed in polite enough terms to others.

    Paul Wong-Gibbs


    Reporting issues with the WordPress blog export function should go on to the WordPress forums or Trac. It’s not to do with BuddyPress.

    Please everyone keep posts here on topic, civil and polite.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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