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Buddypress + EWWW + WebP + Cloudflare

  • David


    Please reference where the problem and solution was identified as:

    “Basically, the html specification states that the very first time the parser (usually a browser) sees a closing tag starting like ‘</’, it is supposed to recognize that as the end of the <script> element.

    The unfortunate fact is that no browsers actually follow that rule, which causes developers to think they are following the spec (when they aren’t). On the flip side, the PHP parser DOES follow that rule, and will insert a closing </script> tag when it isn’t needed.

    It isn’t something I can fix, but the buddypress devs should be able to fix it simply. They just need to escape the slashes in their ending tags when they are inside a <script> element.

    So instead of using they would need to make that <\/a> and so on for each html element within the script elements.”

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  • I have never heard of this. We might need to look into it.

    Do you know *what* instance of the script tag your set of plugins was breaking on, so we can look at the markup being generated? We have lots.

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