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Buddypress Groups for each specific post

  • excesscaravan


    Hi all,

    I have spent a long period of time trying to look out for a Buddypress plugin or customization that allows for users to create groups specific for a post (i.e. that only appear on the post page).

    I intend to review video games on my site, and I would like users with interest in that particular video game to be able to create a group below the content of the page that would allow for other users to join him in a group to discuss the game — or even to add one another in an online gaming portal.

    Is this possible with Buddypress or has anyone had any experience in dealing with such an idea?

    Any help in greatly appreciated in advance!

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  • Rishikant


    Hi, did not get, be more specific, we would try to help you.



    Thanks Rishikant.

    Could I create a Buddypress group that only shows up on one post?

    For post A, only certain Buddypress groups are displayed on the post.

    For post B, another set of Buddypress group is displayed.

    i.e. if I have a post “Cooking Class on Sunday” – I would like my users to be able to create groups under this post and invite other users to join.

    “Cooking Class on Sunday” groups will only display on the page, and not another page such as “Music Class on Sunday”


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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