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Buddypress groups > manage > forums help!

  • Suntura


    I’m running Buddypress and BBpress, I have groups enabled, and I’m simply trying to edit the page within Groups > Manage > Forum

    The page gives you the option to start the process of creating a forum for your group.

    I’m just simply trying to find where I can edit this page in the files so I can changethe wording and title etc.

    The page says:

    “Group Forum Settings
    Group Forum Settings

    Create a discussion forum to allow members of this group to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.
    Yes. I want this group to have a forum.

    Saying no will not delete existing forum content.”

    Where can I locate the file to edit this text?

    I’ve found all the other Groups manage pages within the admin.php file. But this one is not controlled through that page.

    This is the page im trying to edit

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