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Buddypress help

  • I have recently installed buddy press to my host and like it very much. It seems more of a place where ppl can create their own website off mine. This is extremely hard to explain but i hope someone out there will get me. When a user creates a blog, they have the option to do everythin to it, add pages, themes, widgets, all that type of stuff, what i am looking for out of buddypress, is an option where ppl dont create a whole new site type of deal, but just a page to the original site that they can post on and stuff. If someone were to create a blog on my site , i would like it to have a single theme, default plugins, and the navigation , acting just like the navigation on the home page. So all in all , buddy press is a little to much for what im looking for, is there anyway i can disable, change, some features to get it to work the way i am wanting it to? right now it feels a bit to much like or any other free host to create social networks at. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated :)

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