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BuddyPress, IIS, and random/reoccurring 404 errors

  • Roquefort


    Hello everyone,

    I am struggling to determine how to fix a reoccurring problem that I’m having with BuddyPress, IIS 7.5, mod_rewrite and my theme “Custom Community”.

    The problem is this:

    1) After refreshing permalinks, everything on my site works.
    2) Within hours, random pages will begin failing to load. This does not happen to all pages, but there are a select few that it will happen to every time. From what I can tell, it mostly happens when navigating AWAY from a BuddyPress page, TO a non-BuddyPress page. BuddyPress to BuddyPress and “other page” to “other page” keeps working.
    3) If I refresh permalinks again, the site begins to work once more. But it always returns.
    4) The problem is exacerbated by running heavy Javascript plugins like WP-Slimstat or WassUp!
    5) IIS’s version of mod_rewrite is installed and configured exactly like the WordPress documentation describes.

    I am primarily a SysAdmin, and my site is secure Intranet that I cannot provide a link to here. I’m fairly experienced in WordPress but I am also new to it, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that I’m doing something wrong.

    If there is anything you guys could recommend, I’d greatly appreciate it. My users love the site, but the 404 complaints are killing me!

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