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Buddypress Integration

  • jgadbois


    My company recently purchased, and is planning on making it a buddypress site. I’d like to extend Buddypress to have an application for tracking weight training exercises/equipement/etc.

    For those of you with a lot of Buddypress experience, do you feel it’d be better to develop something like this as a plugin, or to try to integrate something from a framework like CakePHP?

    I’m partial to CakePHP, and feel like I could develop the additional functionality much quicker than by hand, but I also want to tie into the Buddypress feed and eco-system. I’m not sure if the integration effort would kill my time savings by using a framework.

    Do any of you Buddypress or CakePHP devs have any advice or opinions?

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  • Xevo


    Take a look at this.

    I really don’t recommend building in a php framework into a existing cms, it could cause a lot of issues.

    Skeleton component isn’t updated for 1.2 but shouldn’t be too far out. Grab a copy of the bp compat plugin, and when you get a missing function warning, look in the bp compat to find out what to use instead.

    Also, I agree with what Xevo’s said.



    Ok, I will check out the skeleton component. It seems like it’s pretty well commented, so hopefully I’ll be able to make heads and tails of it :) I guess having to do the extra work of validation/building forms/etc should still be easier long run than integrating another framework.



    Ok, I activated the plugin, and didn’t receive any errors. However, I’m not seeing an admin menu and the Example tab is just redirecting to the home page. Any suggestions? I’m also running on straight WP not WPMU. I’m assuming the admin menu stuff should be the same though, so I’m confused as why that part at least doesn’t work.


    I’m also trying to make the skeleton component working with normal WP 2.9.1.

    To show example link in admin menu edit function “bp_example_check_installed” in bp-example.php. Replace “manage-options” with “manage_options” in add_submenu_page function call. You also have to put priority to action call like this add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘bp_example_check_installed’, 30 );

    I’m tackling with redirect thingy too.. frustrating.

    I got screens working:

    this stuff is found in skeleton component, bp-example.php, function bp_example_screen_one.

    Two alternatives how to load screen template:

    Put template file under wp-content/themes/current-active-bp-theme/ and use the bp_core_load_template function part to load it. Remember to comment out default templatefile stuff, there is the “OR” statement in comments ;)


    Use the BP build in template file to present content for your screen. If you use bp-default theme, there is no plugin-template.php file!! So copy that from some other theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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