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BuddyPress Links – import link list?

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    Well, that’s a question :) I’ve switched from e107 to Wp and cannot find a way to import my directory into Wp. I’m using the BuddyPress Links plugin.
    The e107 links table looks like this:
    “(4,’Amenajari Interioare pentru Baie si Bucatarie’,’’,’Idei si solutii de amenajari i’,”,105,0,4,0,0,0,”),”
    while the Bp links is:
    “(1, ‘zvdfgvwe5447u5rhde544yegwsw’, 1, 2, ‘’, ‘sdfg546jrdsdrthrdee546yh5’, ”, ”, ‘dating-cafe-100-free-dating-community-steinsel-luxembourg-luxembourg’, ‘Dating Cafe – 100% free dating community Steinsel, Luxembourg, Luxembourg’, ‘Dating Cafe is a free online dating site.’, 1, 3, 3, 16777215, ”, 0, ”, ‘2010-05-21 16:29:15’, ‘2010-09-03 03:17:39’),”
    I cannot modify the table manually because I have to many links, I just hope someone (smarter :)) knows a SQL command to do the trick or a script or anything.
    Also, maybe there’s a good suggestion for the developer: try to make a plugin that will import links from a list, scanning the links addresses and extracting the titles & descriptions from there.
    Either way, any suggestion is appreciated.

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