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Buddypress locking a member out of his own group

  • kagurarap


    Hi everyone,

    I’m having this issue with Buddypress groups for one of my members where he created a group and has been regularly posting to this group. And suddenly, he can no longer post to his own created group.

    On the list of groups, there is no “leave group” option and it shows him on the list of members for that group. Inside the group, there is a “join group” button and there is no text editor or anything for him to post anymore. If he tries to “join group” it gives an error “There was an error joining group” which makes sense because why would he join a group that he created and is already a member? And since he is a member, why can he no longer make posts to this group?

    Here is the site if anyone is interested:

    I am experienced with WordPress but new to Buddypress, so does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to put me in the right direction for de-bugging this?

    These are the list of plugins I currently have running if it’s helpful:

    Buddypress Group Tiny Chat
    Buddypress Media
    Buddypress Site-wide Activity Widget
    DB Cache Reloaded Fix
    Hyper Cache
    Magic Fields 2.0
    Ninja Forms
    WP Image Size Limit



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  • Rachel Biel


    I had the same problem with one of my users and found that w3-total-cache was causing the problem.

    I disabled it and she could post again.

    Check the support area of your hyper cache plugin and see if others are reporting stuff there. W3-Total-Cache was full of people reporting bad things happening…



    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks! It wasn’t the Hyper Cache but it looks like my database caching plugin (DB Cache Reloaded Fix) was the issue, the moment I disabled that, the “join” button was gone on his account and the text editor re-appeared for him to post on his group. I don’t understand why that would happen though for this one member due to database caching? Does this mean that buddypress doesn’t behave well with db caching plugins in general or I just need to adjust my settings somehow?




    w3totalcache is a very powerful plugin.
    And it’s essential to use a caching plugin on large BP installs.
    But don’t use page caching with any plugin or you will get stale pages and other issues.

    And you’ll have to carefully tune the plugin settings for your particular install and hosting.
    It can be quite complicated. But once you get it right, the difference is dramatic.

    No you don’t cache DB stuff you do cache static objects, caching dynamic data will cause issues and BP draws heavily on DB tables.

    tbh caching plugins with WP seem to be more hassle than they are worth, cause of loads of issues. Always considered caching a server aspect really and/or offloading static stuff to CDN.



    I’ve had great success using w3totalcache with most everything selected except page caching.

    And I always use the memcached option – so you have to have memcache set up across all your servers.

    Involves a lot of fiddling – but worth it for installs with tens of thousands of members.



    Hmm I’ll try disabling the Page Cache and then putting DB cache back on to see if it’s the combination. It didn’t really act up until I installed the DB cache but the site seems to be getting slow from what looks like the images being uploaded by the users or a post versus the images from the site itself or code.

    I’ll also check out w3total cache as well – will post with results. Thanks!



    Update: So I decided in the end to stick with Hyper Cache, which is pretty okay, enable caching to true in the wp-config file and since I’m not expecting hundreds of visitors to interact with the social aspect of the site, it’s a small group, the images seemed to be the issue with the site’s speed and the other caching plugins were breaking buddypress features.

    So I’m using Imsanity and Ewww Image Optimize plugins to control the maximum size of the images being uploaded (they get re-sized by the plugin) and to optimize the existing images I had in the library. This has helped my site’s speed a whole lot especially with the Site Activity Feed widget on the front-page.

    I’m still looking into caching, looking into mem-caching but not sure if it’s necessary at this point in time for a site that if we’re lucky, has a maximum of 100 members. Hope this topic helps someone.



    Also tried w3 total cache and received a fatal error so decided not to go that route either…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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