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Buddypress Member Hierarchy

  • dannyjimmy


    In a number of the organizations I’m working for, I want to be able to make certain members accountable to each other in hierarchies. For example:

    Church Members accountable to/administrated by a Church Leader.
    Volunteers accountable to/administrated by a Volunteer Group Leader.

    Ideally, I’d like to have the following setup:
    – Anyone can register on the site, but they can’t do anything yet.
    – They then make a “membership request” to a leader/supervisor user who they know in real life. (instead of to the site admin).
    – That leader can accept their request, giving them the normal buddypress-user capabilities.
    – Their status as a member who is accountable to that specific leader is maintained. That leader, but no other leaders, can ban and un-ban them.
    – Members can be transferred between leaders, either by the leaders themselves or by site admins, for example, at leader-account deletion.

    Essentially, A member is to a leader as a post/page is to an author.

    Of course, it could be cool to have infinite layers of hierarchy, for very large organizations. Which would kind of disrupt the member/leader post/author analagy, and be a bit more analogous to the BP Group Hierarchies plugin.

    It could also be cool if leaders could view an aggregated activity stream of all the members that are accountable to them, to make “policing” easier, but that’s obviously not a mission-critical feature.

    The purpose of this functionality for me would be to give the site’s community more structure, and give everyone extra incentive to play nice. I work mostly with churches and international volunteer orgs; with churches, they really don’t want swearing and foul play, and with volunteer orgs, lives can be on the line if people screw around. So I’m looking for a way to make members more accountable to their real-life superiors.

    Perhaps this already exists somewhere? Or perhaps some epic person would be willing to take it on as a project?

    All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks,

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  • dannyjimmy


    polite friendly bump



    == Perhaps this already exists somewhere? ==
    Not exactly what you want based on your requirements. You could use the Groups feature wherein members need to be approved by the Admin before they’re in the group. But there’s no automatic transfer of members from one group to another. The member can leave the group and would apply to another group or you could use this

    == Or perhaps some epic person would be willing to take it on as a project? ==
    Someone might do that if it was needed for their own project but we don’t know when and we don’t know if it will be released in the WP plugins repo or as a premium plugin or if would be released at all. So if you need one right now, you would have to hire a developer to do this for you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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