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Buddypress Memory Overload

  • Mario



    i have a blog on a Server with 8gb of RAM. Without Buddypress there will be about 4500MB free. But when I activate it, you can see, how the memory usage explodes. And after a few Minutes the system is overloaded and kills the mysql process.

    Does anyone know about this problem and how to fix it?

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  • danbpfr


    can you provide your server php info ? especially php memory_limit
    who is your host ?
    what’s your WP and BP version ?
    mySql version ?
    php version ?



    PHP Memory Limit is 128MB
    Newest Versions at all (WP 3.0.1 and BP 1.2.6)
    PHP 5.2.6
    mysql 5.0.51a-24+lenny3

    Its a root server with debian lenny.

    if you want to look at the complete phpinfo, you can do this here:

    I think the problem is not the memory usage of php, but the usage of the mysql server.

    Thanks a lot




    Too early to bump ;)

    I’ll ask for the sake of it this is a pure install no plugins activated?

    I can’t really see what the issue might be but then would normally be looking at logs or running ‘top’ to see processes working

    Can’t think what to suggest other than ensure an absolutely clean install just running BP nothing else.

    I wouldn’t leave your php.ini public like that for too long



    The Problem is: i cant make an fresh install. It is an plugin and it should be handled like this…

    I have nearly 10000 visitors per day, so i cant change the complete site. I need another solution for this.

    could nobody help me without clearing the whole page?

    As you said previously; to quote I think the problem is not the memory usage of php, but the usage of the mysql server.

    you are probably correct, 10,000 visitors is quite high and you perhaps need to speak to a server tech about optimizing you DB / server for best performance, in the meantime you might perhaps check the WP & BP codex pages for any tips on optimisizing both BP & WP installs and also perhaps start using something like WP Super Cache to minimize DB hits

    Other than that I don’t really think this is a BP isssue or at least much you can do from the perspective of the BP install.

    I’m dealing with a very similar scenario. I have a similar amount of traffic, and will get some unexplained spikes in memory usage that take my server down.

    It’s pretty much impossible to diagnose the problem in development, as it really seems to be tied to our peak traffic times.

    Does anyone have any good direction they can point me for simulating load?

    Good idea with the wp-cache concept. My database traffic doesn’t seem to be dreadful, but it couldn’t hurt to back-off on the queries.

    Plugins are:
    BuddyPress Profile Privacy
    Featured Content Gallery
    Gravity Forms

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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