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BuddyPress Moderator

  • tasamp


    I did a serious research to find a best solutions or plugins to report abuse posts, flag BuddyPress content. I found this plugin suggested in various BuddyPress forum but that plugin itself is not updated last 3 years and it doesn’t support my WordPress version 4.9.1 and BuddyPress 2.9.2. I think this feature is very crucial for social network application to moderate post and flag abusive post/comments. I am looking for plugins for my BuddyPress site to flag content and I really appreciate suggestions on it.

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  • jemar707


    The closest thing to moderation I have found is also the plugin you mentioned. But like BuddyPress it is lacking crucial moderation features and doesn’t have updates/support also as you mentioned. I have been wanting a BuddyPress moderation feature similar to WP Core forever…approve/unapproved/pending/spammed activity would be ideal. Integrated with WPCore comment status would be grand. I’d pay for a good moderation plugin. I don’t feel like BuddyPress truly integrates well when activity/comments don’t work well together. In fact, we have avoided full use of BuddyPress for this reason. I suppose this is more of an opinion post and hope some angel comes up with a solution on your problem and my similar problem.



    I have the same problem…. I’m also waiting for this Angel



    Looks like this plugin is just about the last remaining moderation plugin:

    WordPress Moderation Plugin

    I’ve been using this plugin, which is an updated version of that old one:

    It works well and the repository owner is open to accepting pull requests.



    We have recently created a plugin for BuddyPress Moderation, it’s live

    Hopefully, it will help the community.

    Ben Roberts


    I have a new moderation plugin in the WordPress repository that may help. It’s pretty simple at the moment, but will be actively updating it with new features.

    Toolkit for BuddyPress

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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