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Buddypress, Multisite, Social Sharing and Login Registration

  • bluesalman


    I am running a multisite setup with 3 child sites.

    I need a solution to implement social engagement of users with my site. I need to achieve following with Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Windows Live and Google social identity providers

    1. Login and Registration
    2. Avatars and Profile synchronization with buddy-press
    3. User should be able to Comment on posts and buddy-press status updates
    4. Like and share option for posts and status updates

    There are many plugins available to achieve above but in pieces. Social Login, facebook connnect, + wp-fb-auto connect, janarian i have tried all but couldn’t select a single one.
    i cant find even a premium plugin to achieve all above with a single plugin.

    Can someone please steer me in right direction if there is step by step guide for above requirements or any plugin free/premium available please share

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  • yadigit


    Trying useing Multisite User Management plugin. if you find a social media plugin to allow logins it should save the login into the user ID in the database there-for it should transfer over to the other sites.

    It’s just a tip..
    Good luck.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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